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Updated: Jan 26, 2019

The product is focused for inside sales reps who sell remotely or support, sales by warming up the lead. Current methodologies involve use of many products such as CRM, Dialer, Email, Social media etc to understand and reach out to the customers. Since it has many steps and which needs to followed across multiple leads/business prospect sales rep finds it hard to keep track of the process and loses many opportunity to close the business .

Problem Statement

Inside Sales Reps work with CRM systems to work on the leads assigned to them to setup meeting or close the deal. They need to make the entry into CRM system for every interaction with the lead so that managers can view the report.

It takes 6-8 attempts to connect with a lead before a meaningful conversation. But keeping track of all the calls and emails sent to a lead becomes very difficult and almost impossible to ensure that at least 6–8 attempts to connect are made with each lead.

Sometimes the sales process is three to eight months long or even longer and in the meantime Sales Reps loose the context or changes then the leads gets dropped, hence loss in business.

The sales process for Inside Sales team is three step

Sales Prospecting — Find the leads from the business that can be the prospective customers(). Sales Nurturing — Engage with the leads through various medium such as Email, Call, Social media and one-on-one meetings. Close the Deal — Once the prospect is ready to buy then complete the sales process or send lead to Sr Sales Reps.

Old interface

User Research

Stakeholders Interview — Interview sessions with Founders, Product Managers, Sales team, Customer support team, Marketing team indicated that the existing product has low adoption, customer churn rate is very high and product demo-to-conversion is less than 10%.

Bad user interface.Low product demo to conversion(10%).Less product features than competitors.

Evaluation of Existing Interface — Existing interface provided all the tools to connect with leads and manage the list well, but it lacked good method for monitoring the impact of work.

Online calling was available but wasn’t tied to any workflow.Bad task management. No good reports to improve the sales process.

Contextual Enquiry — Interviews were conducted with seven users. Users were either using the existing tools, competitors product or combination of multiple tools to complete their goals. Key findings of the user research was following

7–8 attempts are required to connect with leads but there was no way to ensure that each lead is getting equal attention. With new leads assigned to the sales reps old leads don’t get equal attention.There was no way to help sales reps personalize the emails to the leads so that response is higher.History of interactions with leads was not visible to the sales reps.Inbound lead request which was very high value was getting lost in the lead pool.Reps have to work on CRM systems and when they are not logged into InsideSalesBox then they lose context and miss important messages.If a lead is contacted on the social media before cold call then chances to close deal is 80% higher.Sales Reps needed learning tool help them improve their sales pitch and take feedback from the sales managers.

User Persona

Most of the sales team has two level of hierarchy one is the inside sales rep, responsible for the everyday calling on leads and other is manager, responsible for monitoring and mentoring the inside sales team.

Information Architecture

All tasks/activities of the users have been grouped in the following larger groups.

Reports/Monitor, Allows user to view the efforts and monitor of the progress of leads in the system.

Lead Management, Allows users to view, manage, and distribute leads to all the sales reps.

Task Management, Inside sales reps have list of tasks that needs to be completed during the day, tasks helps them to complete all of them.

Sales Process Management, Sales outreach process of each business differs based on the sales cycle, sales process management allows them to create, monitor and improve the sales process for organization.

User Settings, It allows users to manage their phone numbers, email addresses, and all the custom settings for the application.

Synchronous Notifications, It is the real time notification of the activity of the leads so that sales rep can immediately respond to the lead.

Third Party Integrations, updating the sales activity to the third party tools such as marketing automation and sales CRM is tiresome process, which is mandatory for the sales reps to complete for better reporting. Integrations allows them the sync the activity data without filling up any form in CRM systems.

Design Explorations

When the product vision was set we started with the initial doodles to quickly reach the consensus on design direction before spending time on the detailing of the product.


Once the larger vision was set and consensus on the design direction was decided we started to work on the design and setup analytics tool to measure the impact of design and user adoption.


Inbound query of lead is either a phone call or email by the lead. Earlier the inbound queries were not responded on time because there was no way to track the response.

New design show all the inbound queries in form of notification and it doesn’t disappear unless user takes action.

Product Testing

We have included both qualitative and quantitative user testing in the process to make the product decisions. Weekly user testing sessions were planned to understand the user behavior and how he is using the product.


“Sales demo to conversion increased by 300%”

Other Features

Daily Work Plan

Get a view of the tasks for the day in a single shot. Prioritize calendar, execute similar tasks  with complete focus on sales prospecting.

Inbuilt Dialer Software

Phone dialing controls for manual and auto dialing including Click to call

Inbound Call Management System

Inbound call routing to lead owners with relevant lead information and tags, including rep mobile connects in case of non-availability

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