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Pick from store : Feature Design Healthkart

Pick Up in Store, is a site-wide feature that allows customers to purchase items online, and pick it up in-store. This allows our customers to get their items immediately rather than waiting a couple of days for shipping. This also brings foot traffic into HealthKart retail stores for exposure. 


To give an omnichannel experience to existing Healthkart customers. Increase footfall into HK retails stores. Create a solution for the customers to discover & pick items from nearby stores

Customer Insights 

We did qualitative research to identify customers pain points & scope for scaling the feature

Paint Points

  1. Not sure about online store product quality

  2. Need fast delivery

  3. Need Online store offers and reward points at retails store

Customer Wants

  1. Trusts stores as for quality nutritional products

  2. Need advice/suggestion before buying fitness products

  3. easy product navigation


After understanding our customers, and the challenge, we went straight to the drawing board. We brainstormed new pick from store flow & new interactions that would help improve the experience for our users and enable them to discover product online pick from nearby HK store

Final Design

After testing and collecting metrics, the team decided to scale a more responsive solution that is both desktop and mobile friendly. Making the radio button visible and reducing the confusion of selection led to an increase in the features penetration rate.

Product Page

Store Page

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