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Passionate about working with great people using good design, and innovative strategies to increase brand awareness, drive business results and ultimately make the world a better place.


10+ years of experience in Product Design, User Experience Design, and Human-Computer Interaction.
Expertise in designing systems, spaces, products, and services from a user-centered perspective.

Eloquent in collaborating with product managers, startup founders, marketing strategists and software developers in agile teams. Experienced in managing & mentoring fresh design graduates, design students, and enthusiasts.

Skilled in identifying the right problem through Quantitative Analysis & Qualitative User Research, shaping ideas into tangible solutions through Rapid Prototyping, and testing the effectiveness of the solutions through various Usability Testing methods.

Has built comprehensive, multi-platform Design Systems for seed-stage to $1B startups. Designed products across Web, Mobile, Tablet and Handheld Terminals for 7 million+ users across B2B Saas product and Healthcare.

Always looking for a challenge. For collaboration inquiries, give me a call or drop me an email/message.

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